GPA Converter

List of Common GPA Conversions

Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 GPA Scale
A+ 97–100 4.0
A 93–96 4.0
A- 90–92 3.7
B+ 87–89 3.3
B 83–86 3.0
B- 80–82 2.7
C+ 77–79 2.3
C 73–76 2.0
C- 70–72 1.7
D+ 67–69 1.3
D 65–66 1.0
F Below 65 0.0

Is a 3.5 GPA Good?

Considering the national average GPA is a 3.0, a 3.5 is clearly much higher. This is universally considered a fantastic GPA. From here, every point separates you more and more from your peers.

For high school students

A 3.5 GPA makes you eligible to apply to even the most prestigious institutions. While you focus on raising your GPA even higher, make sure you have plenty of extracurricular involvement, as well.

For college students

Even when applying to graduate schools, a 3.5 GPA stands out from the crowd. Remember, graduate school isn’t the only option—if you’ve achieved a 3.5 GPA through the rigorous coursework of your undergraduate studies, you may be ready to enter the workforce.

How Can I Raise My GPA?

To maintain your GPA, keep doing what you’re doing. To raise it even higher, you’ll need to put in extra studying time.

  • Inform your teachers of your goal, and ask for extra work and assistance to reach it.

  • Before turning assignments in, go over them again a few times to make sure there are no mistakes.

  • Target classes where your grades are lowest, and work to bring them up.

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