GPA Converter

List of Common GPA Conversions

Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 GPA Scale
A+ 97–100 4.0
A 93–96 4.0
A- 90–92 3.7
B+ 87–89 3.3
B 83–86 3.0
B- 80–82 2.7
C+ 77–79 2.3
C 73–76 2.0
C- 70–72 1.7
D+ 67–69 1.3
D 65–66 1.0
F Below 65 0.0

Is a 3.0 GPA Good?

A 3.0 GPA is the national average GPA. This is a solid starting point, but you’ll want to raise it as much as you can to set yourself apart. Focus on classes where your grades are lagging to bring your GPA even higher.

For high school students

A 3.0 GPA is high enough to apply to all but the most top-tier schools. It shows you have a decent work ethic and that you care about your studies. However, you’ll need a solid roster of extracurricular activities and a good standardized test score to round out your application.

For college students

If you’re considering applying to a graduate school program, a 3.0 GPA is more than sufficient. Of course, graduate school isn’t the only path. If you have a career you’d like to pursue, consider entering that field.

How Can I Raise My GPA?

The higher your GPA is, the more difficult it will be to raise it. You must strive for perfection in your studies and assignments.

  • Review assignments or questions you answered incorrectly. Make sure you understand where you went wrong and how to arrive at the correct answer next time.

  • Ask your instructor for additional or extra credit work.

  • If you’ve met the requirements for graduation, perhaps consider taking classes that won’t be difficult for you.

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