Semester 1

What is GPA?

Your GPA, or Grade Point Average, is a way to put a number to your letter grade, and to average all of your grades, for all of your classes, in a simple numerical expression. In other words, it’s a way see how your grades add up, even though they are letters!

Most of the time, your letter grade is assigned a number from 0-4 or 0-5, depending on the school you are attending, or the type of classes you are taking. Most educational institutions calculate your GPA on a 4-point system, meaning they use the numbers 0-4 to figure out your GPA. However, some schools use a 5-point scale to account for the difficulty level of some classes. For example, it’s much harder to get an “A” in Physics than it is to get an “A” in Video Game Practice. A weighted scale would factor that in.

How to Calculate GPA

GPAs are calculated differently for different circumstances. For example, high school GPAs can be “regular,” or “weighted.” Regular GPAs are a simple average of your grade points. Weighted GPAs factor in the difficulty of your course, like an AP or Honors class.

College is a different calculation, altogether; GPAs are weighted based on credit hours.

We’ll go over each method below, so hang in there!